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Gain New Followers.

 Reach Thousands. 

Grow your Twitch and YouTube Page Now!

Are you looking to grow your channel on Twitch, YouTube or both? With millions of channels streaming daily, it can seem impossible to get noticed. That's why having accompanying social platforms can serve as a great tool for promoting your stream.


Why do most streamers choose Twitter as their main promotional tool? Simple. Unlike most social media platforms, Twitter enables you to share clickable links, photos and videos, all of which will appear on your followers home feed. These links can direct users to your Twitch and/or YouTube account, making it a very powerful tool for driving traffic to your stream.

Who has time to stream consistently, put out engaging content, and effectively manage their Twitter? It can feel overwhelming. That's where we come in. At StreamShout, we will get your Youtube and/or Twitch channel shouted out by popular gaming Twitter accounts with thousands of followers. This will drive traffic to your streams, and to your own Twitter page, helping new viewers find you. Read on to see exactly how it works...


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How Does it Work?

Submit your Links

You can begin by clicking the 'Start'  button on the top of our website to submit your Twitch/Youtube page for promotion. Once we receive your info, that's when the fun part begins...

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Begin the Engagment

These sponsored gaming Twitter accounts will shout out your stream and Twitter page in a Tweet for their thousands of followers to see. You can opt to have multiple shout outs from a number of different accounts, boosting your exposure exponentially!

Target your Audience

Once your info has been submitted, our team will begin working hard to target your audience. This means we will be finding users who have shown interest in the kind of content you stream, based on keywords, hashtags, and so on. This will help us find the right kind of gaming pages to shout you out!

Watch the Growth


Once your shout out goes live, you can sit back and watch your numbers rise as new viewers flock to your page. Make sure to stream and Tweet consistently after your promotion goes live for best results!

24/7 Email Support

Contact us at anytime and we will get back to you in 24 business hours or less.

Mobile Friendly

Promote your stream on the go from your smart phone device. Never miss an opportunity.


10,000+ Satisfied Users

More than 10,000+ users have utilized our service to skyrocket their Twitch page.



Our services comply with Twitch's policies, so you can feel safe promoting with us. 

Fast Results

We work hard to ensure fast results for your channel. Increased activity in 1 - 3 days.

100% Refund

You will be eligible for a full refund if any issues are encountered during promotion.


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